Less sourcing, more hiring

We're using data science and human intelligence to match you with the perfect candidates for your open role. Let's work together to keep your recruiting funnel full.

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Hypergrowth or enterprise

Companies of all sizes use Vettery to build top-notch teams. From the first dev hire to growing the sales team, we've been enabling internal recruiting teams to move faster for less money since 2014.

Starter Plan

No up-front commitment, no access fee. Best for ad hoc hiring needs and small teams.

No access fee
15% success fee per hire
No contract
Standard platform support
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Basic Plan

Small access fee, reduced hiring fees. Best for teams with limited hiring needs.

$995 per month
$9,500 fee per hire
Annual subscription
Standard platform support
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Unlimited Plan

Yearly contract with zero hiring fees! Best for large or growing teams with constant hiring needs.

Fixed access fee
Zero hiring fees
Annual subscription
Dedicated AM & CSM
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Looking for a custom plan?

Let's work together to create an Enterprise or custom plan to suit your hiring needs

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Product highlights

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Vetted talent

Whether you're building out your tech, sales, or business teams, we've found and vetted talent across the spectrum of skills and experiences.

Enhance your workflow

Chat with your candidates directly in your email, sync your calendar, and send your favorite candidates straight to your ATS.

Lean on us

Think of our Account Managers as part of your team. We're here to help with ideal funnel metrics, job-seeker insights, and closing that perfect candidate for your open role.

Keep a full talent pipeline

See why Peloton hiring managers use Vettery to sort through the noise of applicants and find the very best developers.

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Looking for intel?

We've compiled data from over 100,000 different hiring processes to provide special insight into the salary landscape for tech recruiting in 2020.

Frequently asked questions

What does Vettery cost to use?

We only charge fees when you've made a successful hire, and they've made it through a 90-day trial period. Browsing candidates, saving roles, integrating your tools, and recommendations are completely free.

The fee for a single placement is 15% of the candidate's first-year salary. Many of our users opt for an "all-you-can-hire" Vettery subscription. Subscription fees are based on your expected hiring needs and company size.

Is Vettery a staffing agency?

No. Staffing agencies essentially act as a broker between you and the candidate. Vettery is a hiring marketplace. We create transparency between you and the candidate by bringing active employers and active candidates to the same place and allowing you to reach out to them directly.

Managed services would only come into play from our Account Management team if that’s something you would prefer. This way you’re in the driver’s seat while still getting access to that upper tier of candidates you won’t get through most other sources.

What cities does Vettery work in?

Vettery candidates are based in the U.S., Canada, Ireland, and the U.K., and many are open to remote opportunities. Candidates indicate their preferences so hiring managers can filter accordingly.