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From one meaningful connection to thousands

In 2009, I interviewed Brett for an open position as an analyst without realizing that this one connection would change my entire life. When a role on our team opened, most of the resumes that made it past HR were extremely decorated. And then there was Brett, whose credentials at the time did not match up with the others invited to interview. But when he came to the office, he blew everyone away and we hired him on the spot.

Brett and I questioned how he was able to get through a system that usually spits out people who fit the same mold over and over again. Eventually, we started a blog together as a side project to help teach people how to prepare for interviews in the hopes of giving everyone a fair chance at nailing them, regardless of education or background. The blog started with a few viewers and then, through word of mouth, it spread to millions of people.

The more we wrote, the more invested we became in the hiring process. We saw how frustrated and confused most people feel when searching for a job. In 2012, Brett and I took the blog one step further and began building technology online to help people actually find jobs instead of just teaching them how to prepare for interviews. After much trial and error, we landed on a marketplace model that would replace traditional recruiting with digital tools to make the process easier, more transparent and faster. Our vision is to create a platform where people from all over can break through the stale recruiting system and form meaningful connections, the way Brett and I had when he was hired.

In 2015, we launched our marketplace from the small corner of an incubator in New York City. Only twelve people used it the first week. When the first job offer came through, we knew we were on the right track.

We founded Vettery with the mission to provide a more transparent recruiting process for everyone involved and to help make meaningful matches between hiring managers and job-seekers. Now over 20,000 companies and thousands of job-seekers connect with Vettery. We went from a back corner to an office with over 100 employees and we’re still not done. We are working non-stop to improve the hiring process, developing machine learning algorithms and matching people from all over the world across all industries.

Our job is finding yours. A meaningful connection, like the one we formed years ago, can change your life. Hopefully we can help change yours.

Adam Goldstein Co-founder
Brett Adcock Co-founder