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Only 64% of adults in the U.S. will visit the dentist this year. We compared what international patients were paying for healthcare and couldn’t ignore the fact that U.S. patients are deprived of the most basic care because of superfluous costs that are often unrelated to the patient. That’s when we analyzed our industry and saw the biggest consumer demand for transparency and affordability in dental care.

That’s where we come in – with big data, we were able to build an infrastructure centered around the patient. Based on a candidate’s dental concerns, we target what you need and offer custom, affordable dental treatment plans that are made FOR you and not against you. We’re challenging the U.S. dental market with transparent pricing and accessibility, regardless of your economic status. Life’s too short to be bashful about your smile and with Zentist, we’re making each patient treated, our bar for success.

Join us in our mission for smart, affordable dental care that works.

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