Vettery & Peloton

The Easiest Way to Keep a Full Talent Pipeline

Peloton’s Story:
Delivering group fitness classes to
 the home
Peloton is transforming the fitness industry with a cloud-based live streaming system delivering the experience of group fitness classes directly to a consumer’s home. With Vettery, Peloton hiring managers recruited 5 top-notch developers in less than 5 months to help build a billion dollar company.
“Vettery is better than just casting
 a wide net because ultimately, you know that these candidates are active and interested.” Kevin Minchella Technical Recruiter @ Peloton
Peloton’s Goal:
Recruit top developers to advance fitness technology
The driving force behind Peloton’s success is their ability to continually improve their technology. Peloton hiring managers need to sort through the noise of applicants and find the very best developers with skills, experience and personality to take Peloton to the next level.
Peloton's Solution:
Smart sourcing with Vettery
With Vettery’s large pool of skilled candidate’s, Peloton’s technical recruiters were able to connect with top developers without wasting countless hours sorting through resumes. The technical recruiters have successfully hired 5 incredibly senior developers to further advance the company’s fitness empire.
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