Vettery & Mic

Growing a Content Empire with Efficient Hiring

Mic’s Story:
Paving the way
 for emerging journalism
With over 66 million unique readers and viewers each month, Mic is a digital storytelling platform for millennials. Their growing young audience consumes over 75% of their daily content through video and is more visually engaged than ever. Mic workes with Vettery to keep up with their fast growing user base.
“Vettery provides a curated list of quality candidates and you know exactly what their technical abilities are before you even speak with them.” Katie Hopkins Technical Recruiter @ Mic
Mic’s Goal:
Efficient hiring for hyper-growth
In order to build out premium video channels and delve deeper into social media and documentary journalism, Mic needed to hire skilled engineers and sales reps at a fast pace and low cost. Mic’s recruiters were tasked with crafting a team capable of taking on the challenge of building out a network, site and app to host and distribute content efficiently.
Mic's Solution:
Connect directly with new talent on vettery each week
Mic’s appreciation for innovative technology attracted them to Vettery for their recruiting needs. With Vettery’s digital marketplace and machine learning technology, the hiring managers at Mic were able to find top talent in under 30 days to begin building out a team to make waves on the forefront of journalism.
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