Vettery & Compass
Charting a Tech-Powered Path in Real Estate
Compass’ Story:
Building a better way to go home
Compass, a real-estate platform working to bring people home in the modern world, is powered by agents on the ground and a dedicated tech team that ensures an intelligent experience when buying, selling, and searching properties. In ethos, Compass marries the roll-up-your-sleeves attitude of a startup with the white-glove attention to detail of a luxury brand. And with Vettery, Compass is able to diversify its candidate pipeline and connect with quality candidates efficiently and at scale.
“My success at Compass is largely because of Vettery, especially initially. They got me a lot of momentum and a lot of great wins across the board.” Luong Hoang Senior Technical Recruiter @ Compass
Compass’ Goal:
Diversify and expand engineering talent
In order to build the world’s most powerful and nimble real estate platform, Compass needed to scale their engineering team across multiple roles and years of experience—quickly. With an original team of three internal recruiters that soon grew to fourteen, they’ve been tasked with hiring over 130 engineers in the next year, amping up resources in infrastructure, web tech services, and data science.
Compass’ Solution:
Efficient hiring at scale with Vettery
Compass’ recruiting team relies on Vettery’s machine learning algorithm and the guidance of the Vettery account management team to engage with a diverse and premium group of engineering talent. The team has moved from “reactionary mode” to a thoughtful and strategic recruiting process that has produced a healthy candidate pipeline, excellent ROI, and the continued expansion of their internal tech team.
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