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Welcome to Zego, a new kind of insurance company that frees people to lead more productive and positive lives.

London, Eng
51-200 Employees
Series A, $9,738,890 total investment

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We're Zego. Cover by the hour.

Most insurance is designed to go unused, it's there in case of emergency. But today we live and work more openly, in fast pursuit of fulfilment, not constrained by worry.

Welcome to Zego, a new kind of insurance company that frees people to lead more productive and positive lives.

We've designed a people-first policy, which means our cover follows us while we pursue our ambitions. Our policies can be switched on and off, so you only pay when and for what you need. And it adapts to life's changes. So we all work more flexibly, live more independently and invest only in protecting what matters.

Office locations

London, Eng, UK

Tech stack

Application & data
JavaScript, React.js, Python, SQL, Node.js, Django, Flask, PostgreSQL, Docker
AWS (Amazon Web Services)

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