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Hvr Technologies Inc.

Hvr is a Social Internet Browser that enables users, web publishers and advertisers to engage each other in more mutually beneficial ways than conventional browsers, comment plugins or social networks.

Toronto, ON
1-10 Employees
Information Tech

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Hvr (”hover”) is a unique internet platform which allows for sharing and discussion anywhere on the web. With hvr’s mobile and desktop apps, users can post comments pictures and more on any website that can be shared with others or kept private. All posts are visible, on top of the website where they were posted keeping discussions in context with the web’s content as well as being organized in your profile and seen by your followers in their home feed. The result is a more useful personal and professional tool and a unified communications platform for sharing the web and your thoughts with just friends or the world. Web Publishers experience a significant increase in site engagement capabilities and digital revenue. Advertisers receive greater access to their ideal audience at the right moments.

Office locations

Toronto, ON, CA
Toronto, ON, CA

Tech stack

Application & data
Flutter, Python, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, Java, React.js, Swift, CSS, Bash
AWS (Amazon Web Services) SQS, S3, EC2, Lambdas & Microsoft Azure

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