Vettery & Signafire

It’s All About the Numbers in Data Analytics Hiring

Signafire's Story:
Harnessing the power of the world’s data
Signafire, a data fusion and content analytics outfit headquartered in NYC, leverages cutting-edge technology to unlock the power of data. The goal is to empower clients to fuse, organize, and gain insights from the information at hand. Signafire’s platform and search solutions ensure users can mitigate risk and feel confident in their strategies, thanks to data that is communicated intelligently. With Vettery, Signafire leverages a trusted source for hiring qualified engineering talent, relying on a steady influx of new candidates each week and a dream-team partnership with their Account Manager.
“I know where my people are coming from. I know that every week, there’s going to be a steady supply.” Alexandra Sobhani Head of Web Engineering @ Signafire
Signafire's Goal:
Optimize and maintain a successful hiring strategy
Before Vettery, Signafire relied heavily on recruiters, agencies, and in-bound inquiries, which was a costly strain on internal resources—and the whole process took too long. The team realized they were spending too much time interviewing the wrong people, laboring over mediocre code tests, and chasing candidates. In order to continue building world-class data analytics tools, Signafire needed to hire 10 top-notch front end and API developers in a six-month window. And they needed a more efficient and reliable gameplan to hit their goal.
Signafire's Solution:
An early bird approach to the hiring marketplace
With new candidates showcased on Vettery every Monday, Alexandra logs on early, and she gets to work quickly. “Send double as many interview requests as you think you’ll need,” she says. Working closely with her Account Manager, Alexandra has a 100% offer acceptance rate (thanks to swift response times and thoughtfully crafted messaging), with 8 of her 10 new hires sourced on Vettery, in addition to a designer and a devops. Since then, Signafire expanded their usage of the marketplace, onboarding 5 new hiring managers while reducing cost and time-to-hire. With a sustainable hiring solution, their recruiting and engineering teams are thriving.
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