Vettery & Plated

More Meals, More Places:
Plated’s Secret to Scaling

Plated’s Story:
More meals in more places
Plated, a meal-prep company offering chef-designed recipes delivered right to your door, requires the best engineering talent to make sure that each order is processed on time. With Vettery, Plated is able to keep a full pipeline with active, talented job-seekers so they can continue to grow at an efficient rate. The company is changing the way people all over the country approach dinner. They were recently acquired by Albertsons and will be launching new in-store meal-kit options this year.
“The fact that we are able to reach out directly to the engineers currently in the job market makes Vettery an invaluable recruiting tool.” Martin Duncan Lead Recruiter @ Plated
Plated’s Goal:
Increase speed & reach with more engineering talent
In order to bring delicious meal-kits to more geographies and launch their first in-store recipe boxes, Plated needed to scale their engineering team. The internal recruiters were tasked with finding, interviewing and closing top developers to join Plated and help build a faster website and mobile app to organize, track and distribute the recipe boxes.
Plated's Solution:
Efficient & transparent recruiting with Vettery
Plated’s recruiters relied on Vettery to search for candidates with specific skillsets and experience. With Vettery’s dedicated account managers and machine learning technology, the hiring managers at Plated were able to connect directly with and hire top talent in under 30 days to build out their team and deliver a new, exciting way to make dinner to thousands of people across the country.
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