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How to Hire

A comprehensive guide to the recruiting process from start to finish. With insight from thousands of hiring managers and candidates, How to Hire provides a framework for the best way to build your team.
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The ultimate guide for growing your company
  • 12 venture capital companies
  • 100+ start-ups and corporations
  • 50,000 interviews analyzed
  • 10,000+ candidates' opinions and feedback
  • 2,000 hiring processes evaluated
"Every company has to remember that before someone becomes a candidate, they have to want to engage with your brand in some way." Kevin Minchella Technical Recruiter @ Peloton
"Companies with structured hiring processes end up with the best candidates time and time again." Katie Hopkins Recruiter @ Mic
Part of closing candidates is simply being responsive and transparent with them. Positive communication can go a long way." Will Szczerbiak Venture Capitalist Investor @ Greycroft
Preparing to hire From tips on optimizing your funnel to advice on actively teaching your team to interview, How to Hire gives you the tools to build and measure a successful hiring process.

Source the best Whether you're a seasonal internal recruiter or a founder growing your own company, it's important to maintain a talent pipeline. Learn the best tricks to source top candidates on social media, job boards & talent marketplaces.
Interview to closing Structure a bulletproof interview process, evaluate candidates and learn how to close the perfect hire even when competing offers are on the table.
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We'd like to thank the many hiring managers, companies and Venture Capital firms that contributed their knowledge and advice to this book.